Old hippy; autobiography

I hate and despise authority,

until my car does not submit to its designed purpose to deliver me to my destination

I hate and despise authority,

until my computer does not submit to the command entered.

I hate and despise authority,

until I become a manager at my job.

I hate and despise authority,

until I become a school teacher.

I hate and despise authority,

until I need some cops, to save my ass from some gangsters.

I hate and despise authority,

until I become a father.

I hate and despise authority,

until I become an authority.

I hate and despise all authority!

Until our Creator, the only truly good authority,

reaches out to me.

In 1969 after a Crosby Stills n Nash concert my friends and I were attacked by some gangsters. Guess who saved us; cops. We called cops pigs back then. I had an attitude about authority and caused a lot of trouble. Looking back I think it was mostly anger at my father. Now I see authority as something universal even inherent in nature. It is necessary for society. It is the abuse and perversion of authority that is ugly.


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3 responses to “Old hippy; autobiography

  • theothergardener

    Still distrust cops, don’t own a car, don’t anthropomorphize technology, and never worked for a corporation. And I still hate and despise authority.

  • maaark

    Those Greek fellows Pythagoras and Plato recognized the orderliness of nature, how things appeared to exist in harmony, and formed a philosophy based on that. They could see that as each part submitted to its roll there was harmony. They deduced that if mankind could imitate that we could also live in harmony; individually and socially.

    In China Confucius dispaired at the corruptness and lack of social order in his society and his primary remedy was submission to authority. He was really a classic “family values” teacher. Confucius said very little for or against religion or any deity so he was probably more of a humanist social order teacher. And in China they may have overdone the authority aspect as we now see them being oppressive under their atheist Communist rule.

    If I drop a stone and it falls to the ground, did it submit to the authority of gravity? Not by free choice obviously. The sun does it’s part and the trees do their part and all is good. I find my greatest place of contentment taking my place as part of creation before my Creator.

  • Dave


    You’re an interesting character. I’m also a carpenter residing in El Paso, TX. I do have web references should anyone ever care to see them. Again, I must reiterate, I don’t really believe you to be a Christian within your definition as your approach to discussion appears far removed from conventional dogma. That being, you seem a tad confused as to what atheism/agnosticism is actually about. Yes, to a degree, those beliefs denigrate the possibility of a superior, creative force but don’t totally dismiss the possibility. Pure atheism is invalid and a construct of those intent upon crushing free-thought as it applies to the argument at hand. Please don’t quote Hitchens or Dawkins. They respond to the media and as such have been labeled atheists. There’s no such thing. Anyone who wakes up every morning knows better.
    It’s an on-going argument and one I feel is best settled by example. Cheers.


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