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I have published some of my writings and they are available on my Amazon author page (link below). They are children’s stories under the name Toshiyori. Check out Oh Happy Dog, and Shu Shu’s Bright New Day



High school bully; Killer!

Do you want to hear a true story, a true story about a high school bully? I was sixteen, in high school, there was a fellow called killer, Steve Killpatric, alias KILLER! He was a couple of inches taller than me, though it seemed like a foot, big and mean looking, messy yellow hair and teeth to match, cowboy boots, sloppy clothes, and loud, mostly loud.

For some weird reason he picked out me to bother. “There’s that fuckin hippy Anderson” he would announce for everyone to hear. I really wasn’t much of a hippy, didn’t have long hair. But in ’69 not many of us did, mostly just bangs, tried to make it look long. I did wear hippy clothes, talked kool, (far out) and hung out with other social outcasts (freaks).

Killer would humiliate me right in front of everyone. His friends and him all sittin’ together, I would try to slip by unnoticed. Oh no! “Hey Anderson give me a quarter ya fuckin hippy”. I had seen a fight before, it looked so humiliating, every one standing around yelling for blood. But I didn’t want to get in a fight at all. Remember, peace, love, hippy? Well old Killer had my number and it just made his day to make me quiver!  Where did he get that name any way?

Well one night I went to a party, and it was dead as dead. So me and my buddy were just leaving. I opened the door and guess who was standing right there, face to face?  KILLER! Drunk as a skunk he shouted with joy “look who I found, the fuckin hippy”. He grabbed me by the neck, dragging out onto the porch and pushed me backwards against the hand rail. He was laughing and yelling about what he was gonna do to me! The porch was several feet off the ground, and was leaning back, way back. Then, in a breath, I’m fell backwards over the rail. My leg caught killer and we both went off the porch together in a move that would dazzle Bruce Lee! I did a little tricky bar flip and landed stumbling to my feet. But killer went up over my head and landed flat on his back, knocking the drunken slob out cold. All his friends like a bunch of cowboys at a rodeo were yellin’ “get up killer, ya gonna let that hippy do that to ya?” I had the chance of a lifetime to jump on him and really let him have it. But actually I was still afraid that he was going to get up and let me have it. Amazed, I stood there looking at him, brushed myself off and headed for the car. Ya know what? I never heard another word out of killer.

Glow, an illustrated poem on codependency

Copyright Rachel Domingo

There were two baby sunflowers, bright and shiny yellow, reaching up to feel the warmth of the sun. Babies they were, young and tender with tender roots and weak knees, soft faces and happy hearts. Early in the morning they would come out with the other flowers to enjoy the morning sun listening to the birds singing praise.

In the middle of the day when the sun rose up high it became quite hot and their soft young petals began to wilt in the heat of the midday sun. It was very hot and they were young, with tender roots and weak knees, soft faces and happy hearts.

Near by were two big sunflowers with thick roots and strong knees, glowing bold faces and generous hearts. The two baby said to the two big sunflowers, “May we stand in your shade in the middle of the day when the sun is so hot that it begins to wilt our soft young petals? For we are young, with tender roots and weak knees, soft faces and happy hearts.” The two big sunflowers said, “Of course we would love to share our shade with you for we were once young too. We have think roots and strong knees, glowing bold faces and generous hearts.” So the two young flowers moved close to the two big flowers during the heat of the day and they were safe in the shade of their big friends.

One of the big sunflowers that was giving shade turned to the young flower in it’s shadow and said, “How small you are, I was once like you. I will give you shade and cover you always, even if we do not grow.” So these two sunflowers gazed upon each other gradually forgetting the sun. Their faces lost their shiny yellow glow, like sleeping flowers their heads sank low. But the other big flower said to the young flower in its shade, “You may share my shade, a welcome friend ou are. But I must fix my gaze on the sun always, for I am a sunflower and I get my shiny yellow glow from the sun.

The little sunflower in the shade of the big flower that kept on gazing at the sun gradually started to grow up and gaze upon the sun all day long. The shadow of the big sunflower became too small for the young flower, it needed more room to grow. So it said, “I want to gaze upon the sun and your shadow has become darkness to me. For I am a sunflower and get my shiny yellow glow from the sun.” Her roots began to grow thick and her knees strong, her face was growing boldly and she now had a generous heart. The two flowers continued side by side both gazing upon the sun. For they are sunflowers, with think roots and strong knees, glowing faces and thankful hearts.

For the complete illustrated version see the pages under “Glow” at the right. Please respect our copyrights on this. Copyrights by Mark Anderson and Rachael Domingo;