O happy dog

I have a dog-named Simon; he’s a happy dog. He is special to me because he is my dog. He likes to play and run and chase his friends. Simon has big friends and little friends; he’s just a friendly dog. Simon really likes children, and children love Simon. All of the children in the neighborhood know Simon’s name and they come by to say hi and reach over the fence to pet Simon. Then Simon’s tail starts wagging uncontrollably and he runs around with a big dog smile. Simon is special to me. He is an important part of my family. In fact since I have no children he IS my family. I pet Simon and tell him how special he is, but sometimes I don’t tell him enough. If I don’t give him a hug and show him my love he starts to feel like a yard ornament instead of a family dog.

Simon has a job, a special dog job. He runs along by the fence of our yard barking hi to all of our friends and warning the others to stay away. This is a very important job for dogs and dogs do it best. I cannot do his job very well, he runs very fast and does his dog job best, because he is a dog.

One day Simon was sleeping in late like he loves to do and I was busy writing so I forgot to pet him and tell him how special he is to me. He didn’t feel special anymore and he started thinking that his dog job was stupid. So he decided to try a new job, an important job that would make him feel very important.

Simon looked at the person next door going to work at a big fancy office building. He said, “Those people in the office building look very important so I will work in the office building and be someone special.” So Simon put on special office clothes, got a brief case to carry his bone and his ball and of course his cell phone. He felt very special on the day he went to the office building. He was very happy to be with all the other workers. But some parents brought their children to a special place in the building called a day care center. When Simon saw the children in the day care center he couldn’t control himself, for he is a dog, and his tail started wagging and he started running around the office building with his tail wagging. Then everyone could see that Simon was not a human, but a dog. They gave Simon a pat and said, “What a beautiful dog you are but you can not work here, for you are just a dog.”

Simon was not discouraged; he decided to try a very important job. He said, “I will be a doctor.” Simon put on a special doctors gown and a surgeons mask. All of the people treated Simon with lots of respect because doctor is a very important job. He went into the operating room where he would try being a doctor. And when the nurse reached over to help Simon, Simon licked her hand, just a little friendly lick. He just couldn’t help himself because he is a dog. The nurse was very surprised and saw his black wet nose under the surgeon’s mask. She said, “Simon, you are a very nice dog but I’m sorry you can not be a doctor, for you are just a dog.

Simon does not give up easily; he decided to try being the president of the United States. This is a very important job and deserves lots of respect. Simon was very excited about his new job as president. He rode in a long car and a special jet just for him. He lived in a big house with a big yard and lots of trees, “Oh boy lots of trees!” One day all of the news people came to see Simon. They wanted to know his opinion about the country and what decision he would make. Simon was very glad to tell them of course because if there is one thing a dog does well it is tell the truth. As all the people gathered to hear Simon speak they were waiting anxiously to hear his words and when he opened his mouth to speak out came the truth! “Truth! Truth!” That is all that Simon could say. The people said, “Sorry Simon, you can not stay, if that is all you can say, for you are just a dog.”

No need to worry. Simon was on his way to a bigger more important job, he wanted to be God. Simon said, “After all God is just dog spelled backwards, this must be the job for me. We can trade places, “Move over God, I can take over for a while.” Simon just moved right in, made himself real comfortable and took over control of the wind and the rain, did quite well in fact. But when it came to love he had a little problem. He didn’t have a big enough heart. All he had was “puppy love”, for he is just a dog. The angels said, “Sorry Simon, we know you are faithful dog with a big dog heart. But you better leave this job for God.” Simon was very discouraged about this he really thought he had found his special job, but he was still a dog.

Then Simon woke up from his dream and looked at me sitting at my desk writing. He came to me with his tail wagging stopping by for a pat before he went outside to do his special dog job. And of course I told him how special he is, even if he never does any job.

Simon passed on a while back. There are religions that teach that mankind’s purpose is for self exaltation, becoming a god. I see mankind’s purpose as finding our place as creatures before our Creator.

This story now available in print and digital book at my author page:

Author page

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